Category: Structured Education Programme (SEP)

Q: Where can I find the teaching programmes?

A: Programmes for each term are emailed out in advanced and after any changes. Copies of these can also be found on the website here.

Q: Who do I let know if I am unable to attend?

A: Trainees must let know in advance if they are unable to attend a session. In the situation where Dawn is on leave email Further information can be found within the ‘Unable to attend SEP Policy’ in the local policies & procedures under the resources tab.

Q: What is the minimum attendance required at teaching?

A: ST1 & ST2 Trainees are required to achieve a minimum of 75% attendance overall at the SEP. ST3 Trainees are required to achieve a minimum of 80% attendance overall at the SEP. Leave and sickness are taken into account for these figures. Attendance is documented each term on the trainee’s eportfolio under educator notes.

Q: My attendance is lower than expected, how can I check this?

A: Email who can check the registers for any discrepancies.

Category: ePortfolio

Q: How do I register for ePortfolio access?

A: Sign up with the RCGP to get ePortfolio access using the link:


Q: My ePortfolio has the wrong post information listed, how do I change this?

A: Email who can check and update your post.

Q: My CS is incorrect or has changed, how do I change this?

A: Email both and who will update our records and make the change on your ePortfolio.

Category: Other

Study Leave:
Health Education England North West has an extensive support page on applying for study leave along with a FAQ’s document here. Please refer to this first, if you have any further queries please contact

Q: How many OOH sessions am I expected to do?

A: It should be 36 hrs in ST1/2 and 72 hrs in ST3. You need to do 18 OOH sessions over the 3 years, 6 in GPST2 and 12 in GPST3. If you are in a GP or GP+ post it is advised 1 session a month.

Q: Who is my Responsible Officer

A: The Responsible Officer is Professor Jane Mamelok. Your designated body is Health Education England North West.

Q: My next placement will be in a GP practice and I need to register on the National Performers List, how do I do this?

A: Follow this website for guidance on applying:

Q: How do I find out when my ARCP is due?

A: Trainees will be notified of the date and place of their ARCP panels. Only some trainees are invited to attend panels in person.  Most are carried out without the trainee’s attendance, as the review is based on the evidence within the e-portfolio.

If a trainee is invited to attend an ARCP review, it will be to discuss their future progression and the options that are open to them.

The Health Education England North West will notify the trainee and the Educational Supervisor when the ARCP will be taking place. The ARCP normally takes place 6-8 weeks before the trainee’s scheduled training year end.

Further info:


Q: My circumstances have changed, how do I apply for LTFT

A: Trainees can apply for less than full-time training, but must have well founded reasons why full-time training is impractical. There are two eligibility categories:

Category 1: Those doctors in training with:-

  • A disability or ill health
  • Caring responsibilities for children up to and including the age of 16 (in line with “The Flexible Working (Amendment) Regulations 2009”
  • Caring responsibilities for other dependents (spouse, parents etc.)

Category 2: Those doctors in training with:-

  • Unique opportunities for personal/professional development not necessarily medically related

Category 1 will always take priority, but every effort will be made to accommodate Category 2 as well. You can access the online Eligibility Screening Form here.