We are pleased to offer our GPST1&2s an innovative method of teaching that compliments the main teaching programme in ST1&2.

The Focus Groups are designed to integrate with the main GPST1&2 teaching programme and to complement it by engaging the learner on topics that are particularly relevant to them during their placement in General Practice. As such it is intended to support the transition from secondary to primary care. It is also intended to ensure that the GPST has exposure to aspects of primary care administration and management needed in preparation for the AKT.

As such, we discuss topics including “Paperwork in Primary Care”, “How GP Practices Earn Money” and “Quality Assurance”.

We also run sessions on Communication Skills, facilitated by our CSA Mentors.

There is also timetabled a Stats afternoon in preparation for the AKT exam.

These groups run alongside the lectures and are intended for those STs who are currently in a GP Practice or GP Plus Post.

There are usually eight sessions per course. It is repeated every 6 months and each trainee is expected to attend one course during their GP placement. Sessions take place between 2.00 and 4.30pm on Thursday afternoons, usually alternating with the lecture.

Attendance is mandatory for all GPST1&2 who are currently working in a GP Practice (either in a standalone GP post or a GP Plus post). Trainees on the course are expected to attend each session unless on annual leave and attendance will be monitored (as it is with the main lectures).

The dates and venues will appear on the timetable.