The Structured Education Programme in Pennine is a programme of educational activity that spans the three years of GP training.

It is delivered by a team of enthusiastic experienced educators and administrators, supported and quality assured by Health Education England North West.

The sessions are held at Pennine Acute Hospitals Education Centres.

The Programme is delivered in two parts:

  1. ST1&2s are taught together during the first two years of their training.
  2. ST3s have a separate programme of activities.

We take a three year view of educational activities mapping each educational session to the GP curriculum ensuring wide coverage.We cover all aspects of the GP Curriculum providing our Trainees a base to help them complete all elements required for MRCGP and independent practice.

The SEP is complimented by teaching within hospital posts, GP Training Practices, with whom we work closely and any elements of personal study.

The format is a mix of lectures and small group work.We encourage active participation at all levels and aim to help Trainees develop as adult learners. 

We have introduced a number of innovative teaching methods that further add and compliment our educational sessions. These include:

  1. Focus Groups
  2. Theme Days
  3. Virtual Surgeries

GPSTs are released for teaching sessions.The Programme is delivered on a Thursday and attendance is mandatory.