OOH Educational Supervision

This is the responsibility of your practice GP Trainer who will undertake overall supervision and management of your out of hours experience. You will need to provide your Trainer with portfolio evidence and formative feedback from your Clinical Supervisor(s) at your OOH provider. We would recommend you do this using the ‘Record Of Out Of Hours Session’ form as well as the out of hours session learning Log entry in your e-Portfolio under curriculum statement 7, Care of acutely ill People

OOH Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervisors in OOH will complete a record of the session, using the OOH session record sheet, which the GPST must share with the Trainer as evidence of attendance.

GPSTs may choose to use an OOH encounter to submit for formal case-based discussion.

Documenting OOH experience in the e-portfolio

GPSTs should record each of their OOH sessions in their e-portfolio. Each entry has to be tagged before filing against at least one curriculum statement heading. Normally in the case of an OOH session this would be curriculum statement 7: Care of Acutely Ill People.

All OOH sessions entered into the e-portfolio must be ‘shared’ with the Trainer who may choose to ‘validate’ some of these as contributing to workplace-based assessment. In this case, the entry will also be tagged against one of the twelve professional competency areas.

At the end of the training programme, the Trainer will search for all OOH sessions in the ‘shared entries’ in the e-portfolio (there is a filter facility for this) ensuring that the requisite number have been completed. A declaration is then completed which will appear in the ‘progress to CCT’ section of the e-portfolio.