The General Practice National Recruitment Office (GPNRO) co-ordinates the nationally agreed and quality assured process for recruitment to General Practice (GP) Specialty Training (ST1) Programmes.

Recruitment to GP Specialty Training takes place three times a year, twice for August commencement and once for February commencement. Round 1 and Round 1 Re-advert cover August commencement; Round 2 covers February commencement.

All submitted applications for GP Specialty Training will be assessed using a standard, national and consistent staged process. This is an established and well-researched selection process using modern methodologies that are fair, robust and fit for purpose. The competency based selection process allows applicants to demonstrate their abilities and suitability for GP training – applications are assessed by the demonstration of competences as outlined in the GP ST1 Person Specification.

Applicants are reminded that entry to GP Specialty Training is highly competitive. Information about competition ratios in previous rounds and the number of available vacancies in each region are available on the GPNRO website.

For a GP Specialty Training post an applicant will make one application for all participating regions. The short-listing method, known as the Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment (MSRA), involves undertaking a computer based assessment. Following the MSRA, eligible applicants will be invited to book a place at a Selection Centre of their choice, subject to availability. Applicants will be considered for appointment across the whole of the UK (based on their performance and rank). This method is known as Single Transferable Score (STS) as applicants are not restricted to being considered for appointment in a single specific region. The STS system is designed to maximise opportunities for successful appointment.

Applicants should only preference programmes in regions they are willing to work in. In making those decisions, researching regions carefully is recommended.

There have been some significant changes to the recruitment process in recent years so you are advised to read all the following information:

GPNRO Applicant Guidance

Oriel Application Portal